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JavaDoc was a great step forward at the time. Html documentation seemed like a good way to go and it was autogenerated. What more could you want?

I read the docs about rust doc and it could test the code in the docs. Cool thought I, we’ve seen that with Python and it works well.


It turns out that when you type cargo doc --open, it not only builds the documentation for your project, but it builds the documentation for all the dependencies you have. That’s right, you have your own local website with all the documentation you need to code away on a train without having to be online.

That’s a big plus in my book - docs I actually use! But better than that, they come with a built in search engine! Oh happy days. No need to outsource to google to find the page I need even though I have it locally somewhere.

Probably there’s some way rust docs can be improved even further, but who cares, for me they’ve nailed my use case of “coding on a train”.

– For all the other languages out there, plagiarism, the sincerest form of flattery - I would love all languages to compile me a website of all the useful docs I’m going to need for my project. Copy the good bits.