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23 April 2017



  The best bits that I’ve come across in my WordPress journey…

Public domain Images: , , ,

If you don’t have time to learn Adobe Illustrator, this is a much easier choice:

beaver builder

Stress test your hosting:


You lock your back door when you go out right? It’s important not to leave yourself wide open to criminals - Get yourself tested at

Make a static version of your website so you can publish with S3: (For mac brew install wget) wget -m -k -r –adjust-extension –restrict-file-names=windows

I love the idea of PublishPress also but that seems to require a multi-site wp install.


Everyone needs inspiration, and while there’s many sites out there is unique in showing you how a site or landing page has changed over time. What better way to see the visual impact of what they’ve changed? A great way to learn a lot.