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2 December 2016

State Of The Art


                                                                                         | | You are doing it already. You're reading this. I'm willing to believe that means you care.

If you do nothing else, you will find that is enough. 

We are a young science,  a young discipline and right now  discipline is still the last thing that we need!  If you think you’ve seen it all in the 50 years we’ve been doing this think again. You right now have, as much right to make the next big connection as, anyone.

It took me years to realise that state of the art was what we were doing. It’s ok the bar isn’t that high.

Back in the 80s (when I was 7)  (how did it autocomplete that correctly?)  if you were doing version control that was state of the art.

I’m happy to report that everyone everywhere is now doing this. (if not comment below so I can write some puts… )

Then in the nigntes i think there was something called SSADM.

In the naughties  It turns out he didn’t have nukes.

SADDAM was bad, but it took a while for tests and ci to gain hold. (you are not deploying builds from dev machines are you? I’ve had a word with Virgil and we are creating a tenth level of hell just for you)

Now I’m not the entirety masrered this best practice yet which is why there is flowering wisteria randomly appearing in this post, but I do know that you and I are close…

Your doing CI, tests and you’re working on deployment…

Really aside from not doing estimates and listening to your client I think you are there.

Don’t beat yourself up about it -  you’re awsome, best of breed,  best practice yada yada yada. Remember fear is the mind killer.

You personally rock. Now make some waves and show the rest of us mear mortals how to do it….

And that’s not all, pretty much everyone you work with rocks too - just each in their own way. Help them be what. They’re best at.

In short,

  1. Be awesome to one another.
  2. Party on dudes.