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22 June 2016



We’re on the eve of another general election. We’ll find out in the morning how it all panned out and while The Sun might say “We was robbed!” tomorrow morning as deals start being cut should there be a hung parliament, the one thing you can be sure of is that on the whole the election wasn’t rigged.I’m not saying that a paper vote can’t be rigged, - we’ve seen countless times when elections have been rigged around the world (and close to home), but it’s hard to get away with it.

Large scale election rigging done manually is hard to not be spotted. There’s so many people involved that it would be hard (not impossible) to pull off large scale electoral fraud without detection.

With the possible exception of using bitcoin as a voting system, if we’re using electronic voting systems, a carefully planned rigging attempt is possible to be carried out undetected.

It’s not necessarily easy to rig an election undetected with electronic voting machines, but it’s far harder to rig a paper ballot undetected.

So while I don’t yet know the outcome of this election, I’ll vote against electronic voting systems at any chance I get.

Good luck to everyone putting themselves out there today trying to be elected today!